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            Himachal Road Transport Corporation has the following Board, Committees: -


1.                  Board of Directors.

2.                  Store Purchase Committee.

3.                  Vehicle Purchase Committee.

4.                  Vehicle Condemnation Board.

5.                  Internal Coordination Group.

6.                  Benevolent Fund Committee.

7.                  Conciliation Committee.

8.                  G.P.F. /C.P.F. Trust.

9.                  Pension Trust.


1.         Board of Directors:


            The Board of Directors  is constituted by the State Government in pursuance of provisions of Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950.  The Transport Minister is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and other official as well as non-official directors are as under :-


Official Directors:


1.                  Principal Secretary (Finance)

2.                  Principal Secretary (Transport)

3.                  Principal Secretary to Chief Minister

4.                  Managing Director, HRTC

5.                  Director Transport, H.P.


Non-official Directors:


1.                  Shri Davinder Negi

2.                  Shri Prithvi Vikram Sen

3.                  Shri Vinay Mahajan

4.                  Shri Ranbir Singh Rana

5.                  Shri Baldev  Chaudhary

6.                  Shri Manoj Mehta

7.                  Shri Atul Sharma

8.                  Shri Radhey Shyam

9.                  Shri Ramesh Thakur

10.              Shri Prithvi Singh Negi

11.              Shri Ishwar Dass



The Chief General Manager is the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

The meetings of Board of Directors are held  once in three months.  The Agenda items for the meeting of BOD is approved by the Managing Director and intimation thereof sent to the Directors in advance as per requirement of Rules framed under Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950.  The minutes of the meeting are approved by the Chairman and circulated to the members as well as respective Branches for compliance and necessary action.


2.       Store Purchase Committee:


As per procedure laid down in Chapter No. X of the Accounts Manual, the State Government vide notification No.3-15/89-TPT-Loose dated 27.12.2001, No:3-15/89-TPT-Loose dated 5th August, 2002, No:3-15/89-TPT-Loose dated 14th October, 2003 and No:3-15/89-TPT-Loose dated 4th November,2003 has re-constituted a Stores Purchase Committee, consisting of the following    members : -



1.         Managing Director,                                           Chairman

            2.         Secretary State Transport Authority H.P.          Member

3.         Chief General Manager,                                    Member

            4.         General Manager (Op.),                                   Member

            5.         General Manager (Tech.),                                 Member

            6.         General Manager (Adm.),                                 Member

            7.         Financial Advisor-cum-

                        Chief Accounts Officer,                                    Member,

            8.         Dy. Divisional Manager(Tech.)/

                        Regional Manager (Stores),                              Member Secy.




            1.         Shri Prithvi Vikram Sain                                    Member

            2.         Shri Manoj Mehta                                            Member


Function of the Committee:


            The functions of the Stores Purchase Committee are as under: -


To approve purchase of stores, accessories, machinery etc. required for the Corporation.

To approve the firms/sources from which purchases are to be made from amongst the rate contract patties approved by the ASRTU.

To meet as often as required but not less than once in a calendar month.     

To decide purchase policy as may be expedient from time to time.


NOTE: For a meeting of the Committee, the quorum will comprise of minimum four members. Out of them one is the Managing Director and one is the Financial Advisor Cum Chief Accounts Officer. In the absence of the Chief Accounts Officer, the Managing Director may associate the Dy. Divisional Manager  (Commerce)/ Dy. Controller of Finance & Accounts/AC (F&A).


3.       Vehicle Purchase Committee:


The Govt. of H.P. vide notification no. 3-15/8-89 TPT dated 27th December,2001 and dated 22.02.2002 has notified Vehicles Purchase Committee of HRTC consisting of the following Officers:-


1.         Managing Director                                            Chairman

2.         Chief General Manager/                                    Member

            General Manager (Tech)                                  

3.         General Manager (Op.)                                    Member

4.         General Manager (Admn.)                                Member

5.         Divisional Manager (Admn.)                             Member                        

6.         Financial Advisor & C.A.O.                             Member

7.         Dy. Divisional   Manager (Tech.)                       Member Secy.

            As per decision of the Vehicle Purchase Committee the chassis are purchased from M/s Tata Motors Limited and M/s Ashok Leyland Limited being only two leading chassis manufactures in the country. The committee as above also decides the purchases of light and medium vehicles. The chassis are purchased directly from the manufacturers on the rates applicable to the Govt. Department/All STUs in the Country and the payment of the chassis are made directly to the Regional Sales Offices of the manufacturers located in Pradesh after 45 days from the receipt of the Chassis.


4.       Vehicle Condemnation Board:


            HRTC has a policy for condemnation /auction of buses through tenders/open-public auction for which wide publicity is made through media of press. Condemnation/auction of buses having zero book value besides buses involved in major accidents and sustained heavy damages beyond repairs is conducted by the Condemnation/Special Condemnation Board. Board of Director in its meeting held on 05.02.2005 vide item No. 99.07 has approved Condemnation /Auction Committee consisting of the following Officers:-




1.         Chairman                                              General Manager or above the                                                              rank of General Manager.

2.         Financial Member                                 Financial Advisor-cum Chief

Accounts Officer/ Nominee of   the F.A.&C.A.O.

3.         Member                                               Divisional Manager (Concerned)

4.         Other two members                              To be nominated by the

of the Board                                         Managing Director


NON-OFFICIAL MEMBER                        ONE (As approved by the Govt.)


            The above Board meets from time to time to consider the proposal of the Divisional Manager of the Division and Unit Officers regarding further condemnation of the buses which are proposed for condemnation/auction keeping in view their road worthiness, economics and decides whether: these buses are fit for condemnation or not. The buses unfit for further economical operation s and condemned by the condemnation board are put to auctioned through tender cum open public auctions.    


5.       Internal Co-ordination Group( ICG):


            ICG is a group of all senior officers at Corporate Level  and this group meets once in a week to discuss various important decision involving  issues related to the functioning of HRTC. Managing Director is the Chairman of this group and all officers of Head Officer i.e. C.G.M., G.M.(Admn.), F.A. & C.A.O., D. M. (Tech.), D.M.(IT), DDM (Tech.), R.M.(Traffic), R.M. (Admn.) participate in this coordination group meeting.  Besides, discussing and deciding various issues, it is also a Forum in which new ideas/concepts which could be beneficial in corporate functioning are discussed and considered for implementation. Weekly financial status regarding all units income, expenditure is also discussed in this meeting and corrective measure, if required, are also decided.


6.       Benevolent Fund Committee:


Benevolent Fund Committee consists of following members:-


1.         Managing Director                                            Chairman

2.         Chief General Manager                                     Member

3.         General Manager                                              Member

4.         FA & CAO                                                      Member

5.         Dy. Divisional Manager(L&L)                           Member (Secretary)


            The Employees representative are also its members the meeting of Benevolent Fund Committee are held frequently. Presently each serving HRTC employees is contributing Rs. 50/- PM and HRTC is contributing Rs. 2 Lacs PA towards this funds under the Scheme following financial benefits are being allowed to its member Secretary employees:-


1.                  On death of serving Employee                                       Rs. 50,000/-

2.                  On Retirement of Superannuation                                  Rs. 10,000/-

3.                  On Retirement under VRS, Medical Ground

4.                  Resignation and Termination & etc.                               Rs. 5,000/-

5.                  Scholarships wards of HRTC Employees


Boys                Girls

Marks upto      70% to 79%                 Rs. 1200/-        Rs.1500/-

80% to 89%                 Rs. 1800/-        Rs. 2250/-

90% to above               Rs. 3000/-        Rs. 3750/-

6.                  Permanent Disablement                                     Rs. 5000/-

7.                  On natural calamity i.e. complete loss of

8.                  Dwelling house and loss due to fire and

9.                  Flood etc.                                                         Rs.-------

10.              On Polio stricken wards of HRTC Employees   Rs. 10,000/-



7.       Conciliation Committee :


            Conciliation Committee helps in settlement of all accident claim cases in the Lok Adalat and other courts. Conciliation committee consists of following officers :-


            i)          Managing Director                                            …..Chairman

            ii)         Chief General Manager                                     …..Member.

            iii)        General Manager (Admn.)                                …..Member.

            iv)        Senior Legal Advisor                                        …..Member.

            v)         F.A. & C.A.O.                                                 …..Member.

            vi)        Dy. Divisional Manager (L & L)                       …..Member.


            This Committee evaluates the accidental claim cases and wherever appropriate the settlements are approved through conciliation and Lok Adalat, on merit of the individual case.  In general, Courts and Tribunals decides the claim cases on merit and the awards are examined by this committee, and where required, appeals are filed in the next Higher Court.


8.                 G.P.F. /C.P.F. Trust:


A fund known as HRTC General Provident Fund has been established by the corporation w.e.f.1.4.1998. The fund is governed by HRTC Employees General Provident Fund Regulation 1999. The custody control and Management of the fund is vested in the Board of Trustee.

            The Board of Trustee consists of six members. Managing Director, HRTC representing corporation, is the Chairman of Board. The other two members are FA&CAO and CGM/Senior Most General Manager. The other three members of the Board are elected representatives of the employees of the corporation. The FA &CAO of the corporation is the Member Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

            The FA&CAO is empowered to invest accumulation of the GPF Fund in the similar manner as in the case of Pension fund.



            Before the adoption of GPF Schemes employees of HRTC were covered under CPF scheme, adopted since the coming into existence of HRTC. CPF regulations as approved by the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner were adopted by HRTC, which were further approved by the State Govt. vide letter No.2-5/75-Tpt. dated 29th April, 1977. At present CPF Trust has similar constitution as is that of HRTC GPF Trust.


9.       Pension  Trust:


                The HP Govt. vide notification No. 9-2/89-Pari dated 13/0905 introduced pension scheme for HRTC employees based on Central civil Services (pension) Rules-1972 as adopted by the State Govt. to it employees except who willingly opted to remain to be covered under CPF scheme.


            In order to manage the pension fund in transparent manner HRTC Pension Trust was constituted. The Board of Trustees consists of six members one of whom is Managing Director of the corporation and he acts also as Chairman of the Board. The other two members are FA&CAO, who is the Member Secretary of the Trust and CGM/Senior Most General Manager of Corporation. The other trustee members are representatives of employees of HRTC.


            The FA&CAO is empowered to invest the accumulation of the Pension Fund or the manner as may be notified by the Govt. of India from time to time. The FA&CAO acting as Member Secretary of the Trust convenes meeting of the Board as and when considered necessary. The funds of the pension trust are governed by HRTC employees Pension Fund Regulation-1999.


            The Trust maintains all registers books and documents as required under the India Trust Act, 1882 including: Register of investments, members, revenue accounts register of Chairman./Trustees, Minute Book to record the proceeding of meetings of Board of Trustees, personal ledger of the retiring persons and any other relevant document. An account under the name “Himachal Road Transport Corporation Pension fund Account” is maintained in the scheduled bank. The FA &CAO furnishes to the Board of Trustees a report on the administration of fund during the previous financial year along with an audit report.

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