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The Managing Director is the over all Controlling Officer of the Himachal Road Transport Corporation.  The Managing Director takes all important decisions, which do not require approval of the Board of Directors or the State Government. Managing Director exercises overall executive, administrative and financial powers of the HRTC. He also exercises the powers of Appointing and Disciplinary Authority in respect of all Class-I and Class-II Officers.  He is the Appellate Authority in respect of Class-III categories of employees.  He is also one of the official Director of the Board of Directors.  He is also the Chairperson of Store Purchase Committee, Vehicle Purchase Committee, Benevolent Fund Committee, Conciliation Committee, HRTC Pension Trust, HRTC GPF/CPF Trust and I.C.G.  All operations related powers are also vested in the Managing Director. He also approves the panel of advocates required for court cases and other legal matters pertaining to HRTC.  Final approval for settlement of claims in MACT, Labour Court, High Court and Supreme Court is also given by him and also decides about the filing of appeals, if required.  Proceedings of the Condemnation Board are also approved by him.  The power of transferring and posting of HRTC employees is also vested in him.


1.                Secretary, Board of Director of HRTC.

2.                Supervision of entire work of HP Bus Stands Management & Development Authority.

3.                Corporate Planning- economics review.

4.                All legal (except service)  matters including MACT and Consumer Forum cases.

5.                Tribal Advisory Committee matters.

6.                Assurances etc.

7.                Review Meetings and follow up action.

8.                Matters relating to 20 point Programme and Committee of Secretaries meeting etc.

9.                Annual Action plan.

10.              Management information System-Statistics.

11.              Meeting of ASRTU and its various committees.

12.              State level Grievances Committee Meeting.

13.              Any other duty as may be assigned to him from time to time.



1.                  All establishment matters pertaining to class-III and class-IV

                     (including administration, Workshop, Drivers, Conductors, Inspectors, Booking Clerks etc.)

2.                  Computerization of staff.

3.                  Assurances relating Administrative matters.

4.                  Directions for screening/eyesight of Drivers..

5.                  ACRs/Recruitment & Promotion Regulation etc.

6.                  Setting up new depots/traffic depots/Sub-depots.

7.                  Managing Director may assign any other duty as may be required from time to time.



1.                  To perform such duties and exercise such powers as are or may be enjoined in terms

                     of RTC Act, 1950.

2.                  To assist the Managing Director in financial matters etc. from time to time.

3.                  He is the Supervisory/ Controlling Officer for the upkeep and maintenance of Accounts and also

                     to get the matters relating to cash audited and follow up action taken.

4.                  Passenger tax /Income tax.

5.                  To process and finalize the pension cases of the deceased employee and retiree on attaining

                     the age of Superannuation.

6.                  Maintenance of GPF/CPF and Advances subject to the budgetary limit.

7.                  Audit Paras/ COPU/ PAC matters through DC(F&A), Head Office.

8.                  To process the Annual Accounts of HRTC within the time schedule.

9.                  Managing Director may assign any other duty as may be required from time to time.




1.                  Review of cadre strength of HRTC as a whole, creation of posts and creation of Units:

2.                  Recruitment & Promotion Regulations.

3.                  Appeals, representations, appointments, transfers and postings and leave cases

                     etc. of all Class-I to IV posts.

4.                  Vigilance/Court cases/Confirmation/Screening cases;

5.                  Computerization of employees data;

6.                  Completion of ACRs;

7.                  Revision of pay scales and to process cases with Service Committee and Board of Directors.

8.                  Training matters of staff with various Institutions;

9.                  Any other duty as may be assigned to him from time to time by the higher authorities;



 1.               Head Office and depot level computerization;

2.                Member Secretary of I.C.G. Meeting;

3.                All matters relating to statistics;

4.                Conference, meetings and workshops and follow up action thereof;

5.                Monthly physical and financial review of all Depots and follow up action;

6.                Monthly route-wise analysis;

7.                Monthly vehicle-wise analysis;

8.                Daily performance monitoring of all Depots;

9.                Supply of Data to State/Central Govt. CIRT and ASRTU;

10.              Productivity Awards;

11.              Fixing of Targets;

12.              Annual Administrative Reports;

13.              Fare and freight;

14.              Any other duty as may be assigned by the superior authority from time to time;



As a Head of the Division:-


1.                  To exercise such administrative and financial powers in respect of the Division under his charge, as are vested in him from time to time.

2.                  To inspect, supervise and control the working of all Offices and Units etc. within his jurisdiction including Divisional Office, workshop, stores, Enquiry Offices etc. etc.

3.                  To ensure that all the essential services are run according to time schedules and in an effective manner.

4.                  To co-ordinate in an effective and planned manner the provision, stock, issue, consumption and disposal of tickets/stores/material with due regards to the economy and efficiency and to check quality and quantity of work done at each level and make suggestions for improvements and to ensure periodic physical verification of stock, stores and money value books conducted Unit-wise and submit reports.

5.                  To ensure submission of required date and information on each level;

6.                  To analyze operational/repairs cost vis-à-vis jack-pot survey (income from routes from one hand and expenditure on repairs on the others) and submit periodic critical reviews to the Head Office, Unit-wise and devise wage and means to augment income and cut down expenditure;

7.                  To review suspension/disciplinary./vigilance cases so as watch that each case is being disposed of expeditiously as per time schedule or to fix responsibility for delay, if any, occurring and implementation of Laws/Rules.

8.                  To promptly investigate cases of theft/pilferages, shortages, mis-appropriations, embezzlements and frauds/defalcations, whichever come to notice and take effective/remedial measures to guard against recurrences vis-à-vis apportion stage-wise/individual-wise responsibility for stern action.

9.                  To hold speedy Enquiries into causes of accidents and apportion responsibility whichever called for.

10.              To ensure proper adherence of preventive maintenance Schedules in the Units/ Sub Units;

11.              To ensure reclamation of old parts to effect economy to the maximum extent;

12.              To watch the proper processing of Labour Demands and their Welfare (subject to the resources) of the Organisation.

13.              To adhere to all directions and decisions of the Corporate Office from time to time and ensure implementations of the same at all levels;

14.              Such other duties as may be assigned by the superior authorities from time to time.




While posted in a Division:


To assist the Divisional Managers with regards to the matters namely:-


1.        Planned supervision and inspection of stores/workshops in the Units and drawing out of report thereof;

2.        Assessment of quality and quantity of work done by such worker in Stores/Workshops and suggestions for improvement and to take measures to cut down expenditure and increase efficiency;

3.        Watching repair, maintenance and servicing of vehicles as per schedule economically;

4.        Critical review of life of vehicles, bodies, major components, spares and POL, Tyres and take measures to increase their performance and to cut down expenditure and review of maintenance Log Books;

5.        Inspection of documents of vehicles/crews and spare component of vehicles and test check of tools, plants and machinery;

6.        Follow up action on condemnation of vehicles and stores in a Unit/Sub Unit;

7.        Any other duty as may be assigned by the superior authority from time to time.


While posted in Divisional Workshops:


1.        Head of Office and Drawing and Disbursing Officer in respect of Divisional Workshops and to exercise such administrative and financial powers as are delegated to him subject to budgetary/drawing allocations;

2.        Responsible for printing ,receipt, stock,  issue and accountal of denominational systems of tickets and money value documents/forms/books, submission of Master Account Statement to Head Office;

3.        Assess and analyze the output of skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers with special reference to quality and quantity of work done by each on one hand and wages paid on the others;

4.        Responsible for quick disposal of office work and for submission of replies, data and statement(including financial/statistical, statements)to the quarter concerned in time. Monthly review of the various registers maintained in the workshop to ensure up-to-date and correct posting and initial 10% of the entries therein;

5.         Physical verification of property, stores, stocks, material, machinery, tools, plants, cash money value books, periodically and proper accountal of charges or the services rendered. Bills for such service should be prepared and sent to the parties concerned within 15 days and receipt of charges ensured within a month;

6.         Adherence of provisions of all Acts/Rules as are applicable from time to time;

7.         Labour demands, meeting, welfare vis-à-vis meeting of Works Committee and follow up action thereon;

8.         Condemnation of old unserviceable vehicles, stores, material records and their disposal as per procedures;

9.         Resident and Fire Fighting Officer of the Divisional Workshop;

10.       To ensure watch and ward and cleanliness arrangements;

11.       Material Management with special reference to control on issue;

12.       Any other duty as may be assigned by the superior authority from time to time;




1.                 Vigilance/Court/Appeal/Representation/Confirmation/Screening/Appointment/Transfer and posting cases of all Workshop staff, Drivers, Store Staff (Class-IV) and other Class-IV staff;

2.                  Release of Sr. Scale/Selection Grade etc.(if any) to the above category of employees;

3.                  Appointment/engagement of apprentices;

4.                  Finalization of seniority lists of the above categories;

5.                  Computerization of employees’ data of the above categories;

6.                  Completion of ACRs of the above categories;

7.                  To ensure implementation of orders/instructions issued from Corporate Office;

8.                  To work as Co-ordinating officer for Assembly business;

9.                  Any other duty as may be assigned by Senior Officers from time to time;


He will route the above matters through Divisional Manager / General Manager (Admn.)




1.                  Generally to assist the Chief Accounts Officer in the discharge of his duties and responsibilities;

2.                  Finalization of Accounts of erstwhile HGT/MKRTC.

3.                  Control and supervision of all Accounts/audit cells at the headquarters office;

4.                  Out agency and mail subsidy income;

5.                  Refund of revenues;

6.                  Sundry Debtors/recoveries;

7.                  Review of working of Audit and verification Cells;

8.                  Pension/Pay fixation/GPF/CPF/Ex-gratia etc.

9.                  Securities/Sureties and fidelity insurance;

10.                Any other duty as maybe assigned by the superior authority from time to time;




1.                  Ensuring half-yearly and yearly Store Verifications by the teams provided for the purpose in a methodical and good systematic manner as per inspection/touring roster;

2.                  Perusal of cases relating to the excesses, shortages; and or embezzlement etc in stores;

3.                  To help the Chief Accounts Officer in having effective internal audit control;

4.                  Ensure submission of Master Accounts Statements by the operating Units/Sub Units timely and correctly;

5.                  To help in the expeditious settlement of Audit papers, internal audit objections, pending PAC papers and to pursue cases of mis-appropriation, defalcation and embezzlement;

6.                  Any other duty as may be assigned from time to time by the superior authority;



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